Thursday, August 31, 2006

Site We've Been Digging: CLC

Hey guys, have you checked out Church of the Living Chapstick? If you're addicted to chapstick and you're not worshipping here, you've got to check it out.

This church, much like the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, offers those confused about their faith a new system of belief to base their lives around. Their mission statement gets the point across:

Chapstick is the one and only true, actual, real, literal, living, all knowing and omni present GOD! Those who deny it will burn in fiery chappedness.
Our job is to promote this fact like there is no other opinion! Though at the moment, we are limeted to vandalism and word of mouth, we soon wish to have holy wars and Chapsades.
We also must provide you with the neccesary tools to worship properly such as Reviews, How To Guides's, etc...

"Fiery chappedness"? "Chapsades"? "Vandalism"! Count me in!

Dylan, the dude who runs this site, takes his chapstick seriously. He's done missionary work in Hawaii (island of heathens!), and he reviews balms, explains the proper uses of chapstick, and so on. And he's got some great images and videos up there that you can snag.

Little known fact: The Church of the Living Chapstick's current balm collection holds 91 varieties. Holy crap!

5 out of 5 tubes: A highly irreverent site meant for the cynical.


Anonymous Dylan said...

why thank you! I would in turn like to officially give my chapproval to chaptastic, for truly living up to it's name!

-Dylan-Chaplain-Church of the Living Chapstick-

3:36 PM  

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