Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Catrix reminds me of the blonde chick, Juliet, from Lost. The one from the others that's totally not cool and who's all about fertility and science, to be vague.

This is because Catrix looks kind of cold like Juliet, it's all scientifical, and it's Wednesday. So, uh, my mind is elsewhere.

Price: $14.00 for one single tube.

Appearance: Gives off the same feeling that I get when I'm sitting naked under a gauzy top on a roll out of doctor's paper staring at a diagram of human lungs. That feeling would be cold, uncomfortable, and not sure what's about to happen.

Glide: Catrix's glide is phenomenal. It's smooth, the coverage is perfect, and it feels good on my lips.

Flavor/Smell: No official flavor, but there is a faint and pleasant citrus smell.

Lasting Power: Long, long, long time. This tube will get you through the day and then some.

Product Plusses/ Minuses: Well, it's got SPF 15 and some other natural stuff. But- it also is a "bovine-derived complex mucopolysaccharide cartilage complex", so probably not for the vegans or those not interested in bovine on their lips. This complex is found in various facial products to help heal those with dermatological issues. And, when using any bovine product it's imperative that the cattle it comes from are healthy.

Catrix is a great balm that kind of freaks me out. Maybe I'm being dramatic, but I'd rather go with the natural balms that cost less than $5 than pay for bovine. It's not that any problems have been reported, but I recently heard about how all the chemicals and animal extracts in the body products we use may reveal themselves to be not so good for our skin in the near future.

Despite the great performance, I'm giving it a 3 out of 5 due to price and the bovine factor.


Anonymous Anne said...

Sounds like worth to give a try...

11:07 PM  
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Anonymous Maggie said...

Ha! I love the Juliet comparison. I have the same thing, Lost is the first thing my mind jumps to every Wednesday...

4:43 PM  

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