Friday, April 06, 2007

Guest Post! LiPs by Wong: Clockwork Orange Creamsicle

Hey gang, guess who's back with another guest post. It's Chia! Whee!

This time Chia's covering LiPs by Wong's Clockwork Orange Dreamsicle.

Not only is Chia good at drinking whisky, but he's also mayor of the galaxy.

Price: Who knows? Check the MySpace page for more information.

Appearance: This looks pretty f'n cool. Sleek design, silver tops, nice takeoff on the Clockwork Orange image. And it's got a hot chick with a knife! What could possibly go wrong?

Glide: This glides like butter. Almost exactly like melted butter, actually. Might be a little too greasy, but it sure is easy to apply.

Flavor/ Smell: I've never met an orange creamsicle that I didn't like (Ed. note: he really hasn't), and this is no exception. The flavor is just right - not too light, not too heavy, not too sweet. And, really... orange creamsicle? That's just not fair. Who doesn't want that?

Lasting Power: This stuff lasts long enough, but not much longer than that (vague much?). I can taste the flavor a good ten minutes later, which is good. But it doesn't feel like it really sinks in at all, which is not so good.

Product Plusses: Hard to tell - there's no more information provided. The woman that makes it is in a band called Mixel Pixel. That would be a plus, if you're into that sort of thing. (ed. note: on this page if you order an album you get a free tube!)

3.5 tubes out of 5. Check out the other cute designs LiPs by Wong makes!


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