Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ferity: Vitamin E with Jojoba Oil

You're probably wondering when Chaptastic started reviewing lipstick. The answer is: uh...never? It may look like lipstick, but I swear it's not. It took me a while to remember where I got this stick from, and then even longer to locate it online. The name of the brand, Ferity, is strangely nowhere to be found on the stick (if my name were Ferity I probably wouldn't stamp it on anything either). Ferity specializes in lip enhancers/plumpers and has millions of such lip products. This Jojoba Oil stick (which can be found under "Other Lip Care" on their site) is one in a specific line of vitamin E-based non-lip enhancing balms, the other varieties of which include Rosehip Oil, Seaweed Extract, and Avocado Oil.

Price: $3.00 on Kissfix.

Appearance: Euro-a makin' me tired. By the time I slide the cap all the way off and turn the stick up I'm dozing off. So much effort. I want a quick snap-off cap: glide 'n' go. What really annoys me about sticks of this fashion is that you get half the product in twice the space. Makes for a pretty, but bulky, stick.

Glide: Issues: 1) Feels like lipstick. Very smooth but slightly grainy, slick yet light on the lips. 2) Looks like lipstick. The stick's color, which thankfully doesn't end up on your lips, is more of a pinkish beige (unlike in the photo), but the shape is all man. Did I say all man? Oh, I meant to say it looks like a penis. What? Oh, sorry. I meant the stick is rounded, which turns application into a delicate, girly process. I feel like I should pull out a compact, too.

Flavor/Smell: Sliiight fragrance (kind of a pleasant make-upy smell), no taste.

Lasting Power: You know what? It actually works. The Vitamin E and jojoba oil soften your lips instantly, and for indoor wear it can last up to two hours. Outside, not so much, but it's great for helping break down a serious chap.

Product Plusses: Good for people with sensitive lips. No SPF.

I'm conflicted. There's so much to dislike and yet it works pretty well and is not horribly expensive. I have to concede, if you're a girly girl (not hatin') then you'll probably like a stick like this. But I'm going with 3.75 out of 5 tubes for taking an essentially effective product and making it more complicated than it should be.


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Great review! Thanks! I'm crazy about red lipstick! And I love everything about lipstick!

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