Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Contest Winners!

The time has come to finally announce the winners of our first annual Collection Contest. We got in some great submissions, but much like Highlander, there can be only one. Okay, maybe three- the runners up get gifts as well, and guess what? Everyone who sent in a submission gets a prize just for participating.

If you recall, the objective was to show us your collection in the most creative way possible. It wasn't the number of sticks/tubes/pots that would ensure victory (that would have been too easy), but rather the imaginative way you chose to show us your stuff. By far the most creative entry was sent in by Carey, who not only wins our hearts by putting kung-fu and lip balm into a Bible story but also $20 gift certificate to Kiss

First and second runner up photos were sent in by Talia (left, with her awesome lip balm feeder) and Janessa (right, with her amazing candy-flavored spelling prowess). They get $15 and $10 KissFix certificates, respectively.

Our other enter-ers (Lisa on the left and Dylan to the right) win various goodies and some sticks from some of our past reviews (unused, we promise).

Yes, clearly the response to this contest was overwhelming. Thank you to everyone who entered and we hope you enjoy your prizes/pats on the back. Because we're not psychic, we'd love it if you would email us your addresses so that you can actually receive said gifts. We promise not to sell your address to the ValuePack coupon people.

Or do we?

Stay tuned for the next big challenge!


Anonymous Jo said...

Uh! I want a new challenge so I can partcipate, pleeeease...pretty please.

11:35 AM  

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