Friday, April 25, 2008

Guest Post! Natural Ice Sport

Here's a long-delayed guest post (there are lots of those coming up in the next few weeks) from one of our repeat guest posters, Rayfreester. You may remember her from such posts as Chapstick® All Natural. Here's her take on another chain store find.

So here's another one from me. This is a review for Natural Ice Sport. It's made by Mentholatum, which also makes Soft-Lips. Coincidentally, Mentholatum was bought out by Rohto, which makes the balm in those Japanese commercials you guys post. It was in a spiffy Walgreens display, and I picked it because I recognized most of the ingredients but mostly because I really liked the label color scheme. This was pretty much a random pick, I guess. In hindsight, it probably wasn't the most fitting choice for me: it has SPF 30 and not only do I not participate in any outdoor sports, but I live in the Pacific Northwest, which is famous for rain.

Price: $1.99, normal for most lip balms.

Appearance: Really spiffy, I bought this one merely on looks. It has a pleasant contrast of dark-blue purple and light yellow orange with some white, there's even a sort of sunburst on it, no nonsense font with outlining it sort of feels like an athletic shoe or a computer wallpaper. It's pleasant, striking and unisex.

Glide: Fabulous, smooth, easy, but with plenty of control. It doesn't really coat, but leaves a light layer of non-greasy moisture. Nice.

Flavor/Smell: Although no flavor is stated on the package, it has some light orange juice scent to it. It also has some menthol that gives it a mint-ish smell and a tingle. No real taste to it but it smells like a mentholated cough drop in a citrus flavor in a non-offensive and good way. Also you can't taste the sunscreen, which is always good.

Lasting Power: 5 to 15 minutes, tops. GRRRR, my spiffy stick with fabulous glide and a nice, non-offensive scent has next to no lasting power! The last ingredient on the list is petrolatum, so there's no wax to stop it from absorbing right in. However, my lips do feel moisturized afterwards.

Product Pluses: SPF 30, aloe, vitamins D/A/E, and .01 more of an ounce than your average stick.

It's a good price, easy enough to find if you live in the States, has a nice scent a a bit of a tingle. The flavor and package are unisex and spiffy. The only thing about this balm that I don't like is the short lasting power and the fact that it has petroleum products in it. I'll give it 4 out of 5 tubes.

Have you tried Natural Ice Sport? Do you agree or disagree with our guest poster?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree
the glide does not coat at all and doesn't give the satisfaction needed to want to take out the stick in the first place.

1:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like that it doesn't leave your lips feeling greasy. It is my favorite lip balm. It is hard to find where I live though.

10:37 PM  

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