Monday, March 19, 2007

ChapNews Vol. 11: Budget Cuts

Colorado brings us some shocking news. Apparently the Finance Board at University of Colorado at Boulder (confusingly called CU) voted to cut the budget of the Wardenburg Student Health Center in what CU's Campus Press called "most controversial budget hearings in recent history". Okay, why is this ChapNews? Wait for it. reveals:

The council had proposed cutting $146,000 from Wardenburg's community health programs, noting the program spends $5,550 a year for lip balm in “consent kits” and another $2,000 annually for lip balm in “safer spring break” kits.

“I think the mission, the purpose, stays totally intact if a student doesn't have lip balm,” said Sen. Ben Thacker.

Sen. Veronica Lingo said such expenses aren't frivolous - they're marketing. Wardenburg staff and volunteers asked UCSU not to micromanage them.

“It's very easy as an individual to say ‘I don't value this; I don't value this,'” said Co-Chair of Wardenburg Student Health Board Matt Leroue. “I think you need to look at the program as a whole.”

But some in UCSU voiced reluctance at how effectively the money is being spent. They dubbed Wardenburg's budget “the chapstick amendment.”

Not cool. CU students, I suggest you start hoarding those free condoms while you still can.


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