Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vintage Sister Lip Balms

We love well-branded companies, and Vintage Sister takes the cake in that department. Whoever does their graphics and illustrations is a genius of adorable. They started the company out of of nostalgia for their childhood balms, a nostalgia that's evident in their retro sliding tins and 50's-esque sass. Their motto is "distinctive lip balms for distinctive tastes", and with choices like Chardonnay, Orange Truffle, and Devil's Food Cake, there's bound to be something in their line of more than thirty flavors that appeals to you.

Price: $3.95 for .25 ounces.

Appearance: Fun to open small slide tins (1" x 2"), each with a different cartoon character for each flavor and fun fonts and colors. I got a report from a friend that some of the tins pop open and get linty if they're in a bag, but mine stayed shut.

Glide: Depends on your fingering method (you dirty, dirty minds), but they're generally pretty soft at room temperature without being goopy. Takes a couple of swipes to get a comfortable amount on, but the balms are nice and soft with no stickiness or greasiness.

Flavor/Smell: So many to choose from! I tried the Devil's Food Cake, Peace of Mind and the Chai Tea, and I found something to like about each. The balms themselves are just barely sweet and smell spot-on: they match their descriptions but aren't overpowering. I managed to simply enjoy, instead of eat, the Devil's Food Cake.

Lasting Power: What the balms have in cuteness and fun-factor they lack in lasting power. They'll soften decently if you aren't acutely chapped, but I would stick to using them in the summer when that doesn't happen often.

Product Pluses/Minuses: Honestly, I'm really distracted by how fun these are. I want to get all of the flavors and line up the little tins by color and just stare at them. The ingredients look un-scary (although there's not mention of what the "color" and "fragrance" additives are) and for once I don't mind having to use my finger to apply.

Entertaining product, could use a tad more lasting power. 3.75 out of 5 tubes.

P.S. They do custom gift sets for weddings and the like.


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