Wednesday, December 10, 2008

50% Off Kiss My Face- TODAY ONLY!

And just to make it up to you, we're tipping you off that Kiss My Face, maker of some of our most highly rated sticks like Mango Melt and Treat Mint, is having a half off sale on their site. All their products are natural and organic and they sell everything from shampoo to deodorant. If you're familiar with their products, many of which you can find in-store at places like Whole Foods, then you'll know that 50% off is a good deal (then again, when isn't it?).

Don't Call It a Comeback (2009)

Before you say anything, Chaptastic would like to offer our apologies for running out on you earlier this year. Don't worry, there wasn't anyone else. More importantly, it wasn't was us. We just sort of got burned out. Turns out it takes much more effort and motivation to blog about lip balm than something legitimately important like, say politics. And yet, it must be done! We're ready to come back, if you'll have us. How about we give you until the end of the year to respond? We'll check back the first week of January.