Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Old Navy Green Apple Mint

I buy a lot of Old Navy. Some days I look down and 90% of my outfit is from that store, and on some days I have the thought "I'm wearing too much Old Navy to go into Old Navy." I've been amused by Old Navy's recent turn towards "serious" fashion and by their ever-expanding impulse item area near the register. No longer are the days of doggy chew toys (where is that mascot dog, anyway?). Now there are candles and fancy incense diffusers and journals and damask wrapping paper. It's all about class, people.

Among the new items is, of course, lip balm, which Gap (same store, more boring and expensive clothes) has been carrying for ages. A few weeks ago I picked up a particularly happy looking squeeze tube on an ON recon mission, despite my aversion to squeeze and goop. I was going to write a review on it until I found an awesome review that lip balm addict Njchicaa had written, and if it ain't broke then why fix it. You can read the whole review here. Here are some of the parts I particularly agree with:

Old Navy Green Apple Mint Flavored Lip Balm is a sheer and extremely high gloss product. The extra gloss just doesn't work for me as I'm a teacher. I can't go into work with a porn star mouth (Ed.- best description ever).

Aside from the shine issues, this lip balm dispenses easily from the squeeze-tube and smoothes across lips without effort. This balm creates a decent, satisfactory layer of [balm] on my mouth. Unfortunately it doesn't last on lips very long if you are speaking, eating, drinking, etc. This product disappears fairly quickly after application if you are doing anything more than sitting quietly at a desk.

Desk jockeys rejoice! I'd like to add that this smells and tastes exactly like green apple Jolly Ranchers, which I had a long and torrid affair with in junior high. The peppermint is sort of an after-thought, and brings up the rear after the sweet green apple flavor. They don't quite go together, but it's not a disaster. Sort of like most Old Navy products.

The rundown: $3.50 per, easy on the eyes, giant squeeze tube, lots of candy-ish and strange sweetness/flavor and scent, doesn't last very long. No SPF, lots of scary-sounding ingredients, really a gloss masquerading as a balm. Don't think this one's going into my bag, but it's fun to look at. 3 out of 5 tubes.


Blogger ChrisseyConnection said...

My friend just got this after I went through all her balms and threw out the disgusting ones. We called it "What Not to Apply", she had really gross balms, like she abused them. They were really bumpy and nasty. But I have the Old Navy Lip Glop in the strawberry flavor.

10:57 PM  
Anonymous njchicaa said...

Thanks for the mention!

5:27 PM  
Blogger Shelly Butts said...

Where can I buy this? It's my mom's favorite. It's not sold at Old Navy, eBay, or Amazon.

2:06 PM  

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