Friday, June 09, 2006

ChapNews Vol. 4: Search Trends

A recent Google Trends search revealed the following information about searches for the words "chapstick" and "lip balm". Note the strong correlation between the two, which may indicate that people searched first for chapstick then for lip balm. Or that, somehow, proportional volumes of people in this country not only have a preference for certain terminology but search for those preferred words at roughly the same time.

Also note the strong upward trend in search volume around the end of 2005, right around when Chaptastic debuted. This was either due to said debut and the flurry of googling that Chaptastic's research demanded, or perhaps because it was just cold and dry in most of the US in the middle of December. We may never know.


lip balm

By volume the top ten cities that searched for chapstick or lip balm are:

1. Salt Lake City, UT USA
2. Los Angeles, CA USA
3. Denver, CO USA
4. New York, NY USA
5. Philadelphia, PA USA
6. Minneapolis, MN USA
7. Austin, TX USA
8. Irvine, CA USA
9. Phoenix, AZ USA
10. Seattle, WA USA

Salt Lake City I get, but LA? I guess it must take a lot more lip balm to keep the collagen from drying up. I'm pretty sure Chaptastic is solely responsible for NY being #4.


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