Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bliss Superbalm

I like Bliss for its simple, colorful aesthetic, whimsical philosophy, and ubiquitous use of the greater than (>) symbol. I've never been to the Bliss spa, which is apparently the "hottest" of the NY spas, but occasionally I see women carrying around those light blue Bliss satchels and looking refreshed.

Price: $10. I think it be laced with gold. Yarrgh.

Glide: Goes on nice and smooth and but coats a bit too thickly. One swipe is all you need.

Appearance: On of the most unusual shapes I've seen for a stick: think of a squished cylinder, or what an elongated 3-D ellipse would look like. The tube is slightly taller than a standard Chapstick but it's also thinner and wider- it's like the Razr of lip balms. It has a small circular advancer centered cleverly at its bottom that makes accidental in-pocket turning more difficult.

The result of the unusual shape of the stick is that putting it on is a slightly strange affair. I'm used to not having to decide which direction to hold my lip balm in while applying. With this stick, I've got to choose if I want it narrow or if I want it wide, and neither is particularly more comfortable or more effective than normal sticks are. In fact, it's a bit awkward.

Flavor/Smell: No flavor. The scent is a mix somewhere between coconut and a Jordan almond. Subtle in the stick and unnoticeable when it's on the lips.

Lasting Power: Ages and ages. A wonderful hydrator and soother. My favorite part of the packaging is this "blisstip>":

Contrary to 'popu-lip' belief, licking dry lips doesn't create soothing or smoothing, it increases the suffering by removing skin's natural moisturizing factor. So don't lick, and regularly slick.

Such poets.

Product Plusses: SPF 15, Vitamin E.

It's a really good lip balm, but the useless "innovative" design doesn't make the it worth $10, nor do the ingredients, which aren't all natural. Maybe the name makes it worth the money if you're a spa snob or something. There are plenty of other equally effective balms that cost less.

4 out of 5 tubes.


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