Thursday, September 13, 2007

Get REAL Peaches Lip Balm

Ages ago we wrote about the company BlueQ in a SWBD post. BlueQ is the maker of retro-ironic-sassy products such as Dirty Girl shampoo, Looking Good for Jesus compact mirror and Virgin/Slut soaps (your pick, I guess). They also have a long list of quirkily-named lip balms, although some of our readers relayed to us that the packaging was better than the product. Recently I caught site of their new (to me, anyway) body care product line called Get REAL. The motto of the brand is "No fake crap", or more brilliantly, "Never keep a stiff upper lip"- both are written on their bright and cheerful tubes.

Cost: $2.99 at Whole Foods sans the cardboard and plastic packaging, $4.95 elsewhere with all the trappings.

Appearance: Adorable, of course. Who doesn't love 50s styling and font? There's lots of little messages to find on the label and the "BlueQ Food & Produce Company" stamp almost makes me feel like I bought it at a fruit stand.

Glide: Not bad. Not great, either. It takes a bit of effort to get it going, but it doesn't coat too thickly or have a sticky texture. Somewhere in the unremarkable middle of the pack in terms of good or bad.

Flavor/Smell: "Move into the country, gonna eat me a lot of peaches." Remember that song? I always think of it when I eat peaches. There's something very soothing to me about a peach, and luckily this lib balm gets the scent down rather well. It's present without being overwhelming, and the balm has a pleasant, subtle sweetness that's almost unnoticeable. Note: it may smell a bit too waxy on the first go. Other flavors are Mint and and Lemons.

Lasting Power: Definitely at least an hour, and that was even after applying while extremely chapped followed by eating a giant apple. Quickly moistens and protects.

Product Pluses: As the brand claims, it's 100% flavored and formulated with no added color or fragrance and it's cruelty free. Ingredients include shea butter, coconut and olive oils, Vitamin E and licorice sweetener. Yum.

I'd give this a solid 4 out of 5 tubes. I want just a bit more performance for all the eye-catching presentation. But it's definitely fun to have around.