Monday, February 04, 2008

Guest Post! Bonne Bell Lipsmackers Vanilla

I can't believe no one has called us out for not yet reviewing Bonne Bell lip balms. I mean, they're quite possibly the most nostalgic products I've ever come across. I see one and suddenly I'm in 5th grade again playing with my Skip-It in acid wash stirrup jeans. Maybe Bonne Bell is infused with so many memories it makes it hard for one to look at the balm objectively. I think our guest poster Cathy may be faced with this bias, but we'll let it play:

Bonne Bell LipSmackers in Vanilla is my all-time favorite lip gloss. I have used Lipsmackers since first grade when they used to make the ginormous tube that came with a cord that you could hang around your neck (Ed. note: OMG, yes!). I was into the strawberry flavor back then.

Price: I found it online for $1.60 on, but I usually buy it in person at Bartell's or Walgreen's.

Appearance: Cute and fun, but may be too elementary school-looking for certain occasions, although that's never stopped me.

Glide: Slick but not slimy, it slides on without any waxy residue.

Flavor/Smell: Smells like vanilla, but not in a cloying way and fades after you first put it on, so you don't smell like you used vanilla extract as perfume. Has a faintly sweet taste when you first apply.

Lasting Power:
Lasts for a couple hours, but I am a chronic re-applier, so I re-apply even when my lips are not super dry.

Product Pluses: This is my go-to lip gloss. It's moisturizing, gives a bit of shine and smells nice to boot. Plus, it's cheap enough to put a tube in every purse, on your desk and in your night stand drawer and still have money left over for a fancy pants lipstick from Sephora (my addiction doesn't stop at gloss - it goes straight on to the stick, as well). Not to mention that you can feel great using it because Bonne Bell does not test on animals.

Rating: I give this stick 5 out of 5 tubes.

Ed.: You heard the lady. As for the "Isn't this lip gloss?" question...meh, it's close enough.


Blogger ChrisseyConnection said...

They must put a drug in this stuff because my friends got ALL OF THEM.

11:00 PM  
Blogger Margaret said...

I love Bonne Bell lip balms, but I can't stand vanilla. It tastes fakey and makes my lips look more white. I prefer Coke and Dr. Pepper.

9:40 PM  
Blogger SpacieTracie said...


The glide is perfect and it's not too waxy so it feels like it actually penetrates and moisturizes my lips.

I love the "Skittles" ones soooo much, the smell is so good.

12:07 PM  
Anonymous c world said...

yay! Go Lip Smackers! they're amazing!

7:41 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

Now if they'd only make Mr. Pibb....and bring back their foundations in the glass bottles, aiii!!

3:27 PM  

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