Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wild Again Lip Balm

We wrote about Wild Again a few months back in our critically acclaimed Sites We've Been Digging series (Pulitzer nominations are still open), but it wasn't until recently that we were able try their balms for ourselves. Now, I know what you're thinking- how could we advocate a company whose lip balms we'd never tried? Well, for one, they have a pretty website. Secondly, they donate 10% of their profits to conservation, and third- because we're risk takers, baby! We're livin' on the edge! Yaow!

Price: $2.99 each (that's 30ยข per purchase to the owls).

Appearance: Attractive, colorful, translucent standard tubes. Simple and elegant.

Glide: If the stick has lain dormant in a coat jacket or on the dresser for a while, it takes a bit of effort to get it going. But once you do, the stick is nice and firm and the balm glides on as smooth as velvet.

Flavor/Smell: Wild Again has seven flavors: Peppermint (with Emu and Tea Tree oils), Cucumber Melon, Ginger Peach, Caffe Latte, Vanilla and Natural. They all have the same basic natural ingredients and are unsweetened, so they really only differ in the way they smell. Each of the scents is lovely and natural and does not overwhelm the senses, whether concentrated in the stick or on your lips. The winner for me is the Ginger Mint, which is an unexpected but incredibly pleasant combination.

Lasting Power: Depends. I find that when I'm inside for most of the day it can last for a couple of hours, but if I'm outside braving the wind and cold I have to reapply more often. Of course, this is true of most sticks. If there's a stick out there that'll take me through a winter day outside with one application, then that stick needs to be granted sainthood.

Product Plusses: Petroleum & cruelty free.

Good product, good cause, great variety, excellent bargain. 4.0 out of 5 tubes


Anonymous mineral lipstick said...

Sounds interesting...how much natural are they?I mean what is the chemical content in the balm?

10:29 PM  

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