Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Crabtree & Evelyn: Aloe Vera

I always forget that Crabtree & Evelyn exists. Its storefronts are not as ubiquitous as L'Occitane's or The Body Shop's are, and I don't think the brand is popular with people under thirty. My only memory of C&E products is a sample sized gift pack of lotion, body gel and body powder that I received when I was in my teens and never finished (was doling out the goodness).

But when I do remember them, I'm always happy because they make excellent products. Last week I found myself in a C&E (which was located right next to a L'O, funnily enough) and of course I picked up one of their balms. Afterward, I Wickipedia-ed the company name, which I've always thought is one of the best skin care brand names, and discovered that it's named for both the crabtree, an ancestor to modern apple trees, and famed 17th century British conservation writer John Evelyn. Fascinating.

Price: $3.50.

Appearance: Simple cream-colored, standard size tube with the lovely green C&E font and a little illustration of the aloe barbadensis plant.

Glide: Remarkably like plain old Chaptastick®- the stick is firm but the glide is pretty smooth without being slick or oily. Goes on somewhere between normal and thick and feels great.

Flavor/Smell: Light scent of aloe vera, which is sort of like a leafy-green camphorous odor. No sweetness or discernable flavor.

Lasting Power: A little better than average. I'd say minimum two hours. Wonderful moisturizer.

Product Plusses: Non-petroleum (primarily soybean oil and beeswax based). Contains aloe vera (obviously), which is known to have healing properties. But no SPF.

4.25 out of 5 tubes. A reliable, functional jacket stick.


Blogger Laura said...

I have seriously sat here and read this blog for an hour at work. What a chaptastic blog. Reminds me that I haven't had a decent tube of chapstick in 4evr. VS juicy squeeze stuff is *not* the same. thx for the great info!

8:23 PM  
Blogger TRINA said...

Aloe vera is a product for every type of skin . it is a natural food flavoring and gives the result in few weeks. There is no side effects on any type skin aloe vera is a very highly effective in treating like pimples.i was used since last six months and give the results . so i am very happy to use this products. Hmm, vodka + aloe vera...interesting. Straight from the can/bottle, I still like Pokka brand Aloe vera + white grape juice the best. Avoid the + peach juice version though!

6:08 AM  

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