Thursday, March 29, 2007

Guest Post! New Belgium Beer Balm

Hello Chaptastic readers,

You may remember me from such earlier posts as “I tend to buy one tube of lip balm a year and I’d like to ask for a recommendation.” Well, I took your advice and ordered the New Belgium Sunshine Wheat. With the weather hitting the 70s today, I figure the critical lip balm season is winding down (I’m sure you disagree), and it’s time to turn in that review (ed. note: big thanks to JM for this review, we've been dying to hear about this balm).

Price: $1 plus maybe $1.50 for shipping. Not too bad. I suspect if you live in Ft. Collins you could save on shipping and your lip balm buying experience could be enhanced by a brewery tour, in which case you could mark it down for a ranking of 10 out of 5 tubes, no questions asked.

Appearance: Looking good. Like Chapstick with a beer label. What’s not to love?

Glide: Ever used Chapstick before? That’s about how this goes.

Lasting Power: Pretty standard on this front, too.

Flavor/Smell: It’s got a lemon/vanilla thing going, presumably because lemon traditionally comes with wheat beer. For what is essentially branded swag, I was surprised to see they’d thought this out and it wasn’t half bad. And no, it doesn’t make you smell like you’ve been drinking (unless you’ve actually been drinking).

Other things you should know: Um, apparently they don’t sell this anymore.But they do have this one, which may or may not be the same thing in a different package. Who knows?

Overall ranking: 4 out of 5 tubes. Didn’t change my life or anything, but it did the trick for a winter’s worth of hissing radiators, windburned bike rides, and dehydrated weekend mornings (10 out of 5 tubes with brewery tour and sample rounds.)


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Funny review :)
Very nice packaging on this one!

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