Thursday, March 29, 2007

ChapNews Vol. 12: Fake IDs

This brief news item from ABC WKOW 27 in Madison, WI, tells us about a recent fake ID manufacturing sting that took place not far from UW's campus this week (the scandal!). Tell me if you notice anything, aside from the charming naiveté:

Madison Police showed us the evidence they confiscated in a fake ID operation that was taking place not far from UW's campus.

In total, they found more than a dozen fraudulent California driver's licenses. Included were the tools to make them, such as lip balm , a ruler, and an exacto knife.

Police found them last week in an apartment on Carroll Street, which initially was the scene of a fire. Police arrested the resident, Austin Cannon, on suspicion of forgery. He's yet to be charged.

Officer Mike Hanson said an investigator still needs to contact all the people who's pictures were on the ID's to, "find out their pupose, maybe do a little backgound on them and what their intent was for having these ID's."

Hanson said it appears the operation was intended to help people get alcohol. Immigration and national security issues were not a concern.

Since when is lip balm a necessary item used to make fake IDs? Can someone explain that? Lookout, crafters- if you have an exacto knife and lip balm in proximity to each other, you're gonna get busted. And "it appears" the IDs were for alcohol? No way! I bet they were to impress the la-dies.


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