Friday, November 03, 2006

ChapNews Vol. 6: Winter's Coming

Some interesting stories from the world of lip balm:

The Morning News: Local News for Northwest Arkansas reports of a shoot out that started when pepper spray was mistaken for chapstick:

"I was about 15 to 20 feet away from the trailer at this point. He got within about 10 feet and I saw something in his right hand but it looked like a Chapstick. I told him to drop what was in his hand, but he kept walking towards me. He just kept walking," Chastain said.

What looked like lip balm was actually a small can of pepper spray, which Chastain realized when the suspect sprayed the officer's face.

Chaptastic is currently researching ways to combine a stick of chapstick and pepper spray. We're thinking balm on one end spray on the other, so you can apply and spray at the same time. Safety first.

The Asheville Citizen Times (the voice of the mountains, best slogan ever) offers car owners this tasty bit of information:

After applying some lip balm to keep your smile smooth as the weather cools, consider the following uses for that product: To prevent car battery corrosion, smear some on clean car battery terminals. To shine leather shoes in a pinch, rub on the balm and buff with a dry, clean cloth.

Chaptastic takes that tip one step further, we recommend keeping your car battery lip balm and your shoe shining lip balm, seperate from the one you actually use to smooth your smile. Just saying.

Finally, in the Captain Obvious department, Medical News Today advises the use of lip balm to prevent chapped lips. Along with other current tips, we're told:

Don't lick. The constant wetting and drying that occurs with licking quickly causes chapped lips. Instead of licking, apply lip balm.

Ahhhh, good tip. And if you need a winter lip balm Chaptastic will be writing a rundown of the perfect winter stick in the week to come. Until then, "don't lick".


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DUDE! Northwest Arkansas. Can't be beat when it comes to crime. see below:

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