Friday, February 09, 2007

Lucy B.: Lemonade

I've had this little jar of Lucy B. lip balm for about a year. Being unsure of exactly what the balm is all about I googled "Lucy B.". That's where to go if you're looking for Valentine's Day gifts, fellas.

After figuring out that this is not the Lucy B. I was looking for I found the site for the lip balm. Not nearly as racy, but very cute.

Price: $16.00. I think this price includes someone to apply it for you.

Appearance: Clean and cute little clear tub with white top. The name Lucy B. scrawled across the top in the type of handwriting you'd like to have.

Glide: Since I can't keep a tub in my pocket (it just looks weird poking through my jeans) this balm doesn't have the advantage of the "pocket warm-up" (p.w.u., for those in the know). As you likely understand, the p.w.u is crucial in a good glide. Lucy B.'s glide could use some work.

Flavor/ Smell: The flavor is lemonade, and it definitely smells like lemonade. It's mild but has that distinctive Country Time Lemonade powder mix smell to it. Not a bad smell, but not a freshly squeezed sort of lemonade smell either.

Lasting Power: It lasts a decent amount of time.

Product Plusses: Contains "organic jojoba and avocado oils with delicious lemon myrtle & tangerine oils infused with our special blend of Lucy B’s Confidence enhancing Australian Flower essences." There you go.

I'm giving Lucy B. a 2.5 out 5. I'm just not that into it. But I am into Lucy B.'s beliefs:
• that six deep breaths a day can improve your life
• we are all beautiful inside and out
• that you already make a difference in the world
• to speak your mind from your heart
• a good laugh is an essential ingredient to your day
• that you can measure success in many ways
• in hugs and kisses
• that if at first you don't succeed to try until you do

Right on, this is adorable and true. Hugs and kisses!


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