Monday, December 18, 2006

Beekeeper's Blend: Bee Clear

I found out about Beekeeper's Blend in one of my favorite papers, The Praire Star, out of Great Falls Montana. Okay, maybe I'm not a subscriber to The Praire Star, but I subscribe wholeheartedly to the state of Montana. I LOVE MONTANA.

Anyway, Beekeeper's Blend is only sold in Montana (sigh) and Wyoming (a state that I have a crush on, yet haven't visited). This stuff is so underground that I can't even post a picture of it.

Buck up cowboys:

Price: I actually don't know. I'm going to say under $5, but that's just a gut feeling.

Appearance: This is my first foray into the oblong tube category, yet the other half of Chaptastic has reviewed this shape - check the link for photo. It's odd. I like it because it's interesting, yet I feel as if the ends of the stick will never get used, unless I apply in an unnatural manner. And that will take a huge amount of extra effort, I may have to twist my wrist. Jeez.

Glide: Good glide - but, the application method that I generally use has to be altered, which slightly effects the glide.

Flavor/ Smell: The Bee Clear, which I figured was scentless and flavorless does have a slight peppermint scent and taste, but it's nice and mellow. Just like Montana. The other flavor I tested, Bee Calm has a wonderful lavender scent. A good bedtime balm.

Lasting Power: Doesn't last long, constant application required which can be rather drying.

Product Plusses: Made in Montana, uses unique ingredients like Red Raspberry Seed Oil, honey from local keepers of the bees, and other natural products.

Beekeeper's Blend also makes a Huckleberry Balm called Bee My Huckleberry. Have you ever eaten a huckleberry? It's delightful. Beekeeper's Blend is delightful. If you see it around, grab some. Or email them ( and tell them you saw our review and that you need some!

3.50 out of 5 tubes


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another great lip balm made of honey and beeswax is Savannah Bee Company's Lip Balms - it comes in a bunch of gret flavors. I pick mine up at -

1:56 AM  
Anonymous Jo said...

Too bad they don't sell online!

8:19 AM  
Anonymous Beekeeper's Blend said...

The new site is up and you can buy online!

Check out the new tinted lip balms, as well as other beeswax products. Tins come in 12 varieties and tubes in 5 varieties.

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Melia Fortunati said...

And now we're call Slickery Blends :-)

4:59 PM  

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