Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Guest Post! Lizard Lips

"Beachgirl5" sent us a review of Lizard Lips so enthusiastic we couldn't not share it with you (or resist ordering it immediately). The motto of the company that makes it is "Lip protection for the highly adventurous". We don't know much about her, but she's clearly got her priorities in order desert island-wise. Take it, lady!

I've been a lip balm addict for as long as I can remember. I have to have it - even under lipstick. It's a must at night and definitely outdoors. Seriously, if I could only take one item to a deserted island, it would be lip balm (sunglasses would be a close second).

How I found it - I think a friend initially gave me Lizard Lips back in the late 90's. At the time, it was in a round tin. The tin was kind of a pain, but I loved the product so kept using it. Over the years it evolved into a tube and it's been a bit hard to find here and there, but it's still my all time favorite and it's at it's best now.

Price: The price varies depending on where you buy it. It's $1.99 on Amazon and I've seen it for more on other herbal-type websites. I've also seen it with lower promotional pricing in stores occasionally. It can be purchased on the Lizardlips.net website in packs of 4, for $7.99 (so again, around $1.99 each).

Appearance: The appearance is very fun and eye-catching. Lots of color and, of course, the lizard [in the fine tradition of animal lip balm mascots like Badger Balm -Ed.]. I think it's appealing to all ages and brings out the kid in everyone.

Glide: The glide is one of my favorite features. It goes on very smoothly and feels soft. It's not waxy or heavy and doesn't leave you needing more a short time later.

Flavor/Smell: The original only came in a mild vanilla, which they still offer. Now, I'm typically not a vanilla fan as it can be too sweet and heavy for my taste, but this vanilla, I love. More recently, I've found additional flavors in Raspberry Creme, Tangerine Dream and Cool Mint. I'm not much of a sweet flavor person so tend to be really picky about these types of flavoring, but I like all of them. None of the scents are too powerful or offensive.

Lasting Power: As mentioned above, the lasting power is great. Many lip balms actually dry out your lips (I've read this is due to the petroleum found in many), which requires you to keep reapplying constantly. Not the case with Lizard Lips. It lasts really well aside from eating (or possibly kissing!).

Product Pluses: All the above - pleasant scents/flavors, feels great on, lasts well and is moisturizing and healing. Because of the great ingredients, I've even used it as a healing agent for dry skin spots or bug bites. Oh yeah, and the SPF22! I live in Arizona and I have yet to end up with sun burned lips.

Can I rate it a 10? Ok, 5 out of 5 tubes!


Blogger svennika said...

one of the best lip balms ever - gotta have at least one tube of the lizard around at all times ;o)

7:28 AM  
Anonymous sAm said...

I just bought some last night (based on this rec of course!) and may I just say I am IN L.O.V.E. This stuff is great! I found it at my local Rite-Aid (there's one on every corner - go NOW!)

6:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ummmmmmm. strange.....

7:57 PM  
Blogger carlyn said...

I'm not a chapstick lover...I was more of a blistex fan, but I've had to reapply aften....then I developed an allergic reaction that kept getting worst and for the past 4months my lips have been peeling and a little swollen. I resorted to A+D ointment, but it smelled bad. Until I was shopping for something not smelly. I found lizard lips. I was skeptical because of the name and my allergic reactions. From the moment I applied it, it was heaven.....I went to bed that night and my lips DIDN'T SWELL UP. I ccouldnt be happier. Within 2 days my lips was back to normal. I haven't seen my lips like this in months. Its SOFT, and KISSABLE AGAIN. I'm verrrrrryyyyyyyyy happpppyyyy. I don't think I'm ever going back to another lipbalm. And it smells delicious. I keep rubbing my lips together and looking at my lips because I haven't seen it like this in months......LOVE IT.

8:07 PM  
Blogger Dani said...

just bought some cuz of this review..ive been using EOS which is quite pricey sumtimes but lasts very long cuz of it's egg shape both our natural and petroleum free if lizard lips isnt available u guys shuld definietly try EOS...best feeling ever

12:25 AM  
Blogger Bobby said...

I used to climb 800 foot cell phone towers all over the midwest. Well, when it's in the middle of February, 20 below wind chill with 30 mph winds, chap stick is your best friend. I tried carmex, blistex, just about everything, and the ONLY one that I can swear by is lizard lips.Girls always tell me I taste good too ;)

7:55 PM  

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