Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I've had this tin of Inara lip balm hanging out in my L.B.B. for ages. Since I'm not a fan of this format of balm (tin rather than stick) I've been reluctant to use it. So, I brought it to work to leave on my desk so that I could test it out.


Price: $12.00. Please, you're joking? No?

Glide: Generally Applied Application Techniques (G.A.A.T.) that I use for stick balms cannot be used here. Obviously. So the glide depends on how much balm you can goop up on your dirty finger and apply. The thought of sticking my finger in there and then rubbing on my lips after riding the subway, and before washing hands, makes me queasy. Thus, I found the glide to be less than average due to my timidness.

Appearance: The tin's slide off top is nifty and the shape of the whole package is unique.

Flavor/ Smell: This balm is vanilla flavored with pure organic vanilla from Madagascar. I had no idea what the flavor of this balm was initially, it smells like the metal tin at first sniff. After examination I did find the word "vanilla" printed on the tin, so that tipped me off and I was able to draw out some of that fine Madagascar-ian vanilla smell. I think.

Lasting power: Weak. Constant application required.

Product Plusses: 100% organic and made with babassu oil harvested by a women's co-op in Brazil (seriously).

2 out of 5 tubes

I give Inara credit for their mission:

Inara is a 100% organic body care line inspired by enduring native rituals. Inara believes in crafting products that provide an enriching personal experience for everyone who uses them. To support this belief, we work with women’s cooperatives, and other indigenous groups around the world, to obtain the rare ingredients needed to create our quality offerings.

But the price and the product leave much to be desired. Definitely a great eco-pick, but have a backup stick around for follow through.


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