Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Jess' Bee Natural: Tangerine

I've become a big fan of orange and tangerine lip balms. The smell makes me think of sunny days, and with everyone in my office being sick, I like to pretend that I'm somehow applying extra vitamin C and immunizing myself.

Yes, I like to pretend.

So, I've got Jess' Bee Natural in Tangerine here to discuss with you:

Price: $2.50 $3.00. I am down with that.

Glide: Smooth glide, but a tad oily. Not sure if this is a coincidence, but since using this stick I got an ugly zit on my lower lip.

Appearance: Standard tube with cute orange label. I think there might be a winged, antanaeed kokopelli mermaid on there too. Or maybe I'm still pretending.

Flavor/ Smell: The best part of this one is the yummy creamsicle smell. Very sunny and fresh.

Lasting Power: At least an hour, great staying power.

Product Plusses: Despite not having SPF, this balm is made with shea butter which Jess says is "a natural protectant against the sun". Bonus, sun protection sans chemicals. Also, "the only animals [they] test on are [them]selves". Righteous.

A great balm with a wonderful smell, 4 out of 5 tubes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't know why u calculate how many hours it last, but most lipbalms i use eg. smacker, blistex, i apply before i sleep and it's still there when i wake up in the morning.

1:09 AM  
Blogger scrappy said...

we calculate the hours it lasts because that's something we'd like to know. the longer our lips feel moisturized the better we feel the product is.

12:41 PM  

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