Monday, March 12, 2007

Site We've Been Digging: Mojo

We got an email a while ago from a reader who wanted a little advice on what to do to keep her lip balms in line- rather, how to prevent the inevitable nastiness that occurs when caps mysteriously pop off in your bag or pocket and you end up with a nice layer of balm in the last place you need it. At the time I had a rather lame answer (which I can't even recall), but I recently came across a kick ass solution.

A company called Mojo Cosmetics, which bills itself as "the baddest cosmetics company west of the pecos" (is there competition for "baddest" cosmetics company, by the way?) has a line of crazy-sexy-cool high-tech lip products called TITAN. Apparently they had the same problem as our reader did, and they decided to create a "heat-tempered aerospace grade alloy, YAG laser-etched, 4 axis cnc machined, hand-polished, refillable, crush and heat resistant case". The result, as you can see, is a lip balm/lipstick holder that could not only protect your lip balm but also probably help ricochet any bullets that stray your way.

Speaking of bullets, mojo provides you with refillable "bullets" of premium quality, botanical lip balm and lipstick that you load into the TITAN (weapons assembly classes may be required), and the whole kit'n'caboodle can be added to your keychain thanks to the stainless steel o-ring at the top.

Having never tried the product personally, I can only touch the screen longingly and imagine that it's the lip balm James Bond would use (after making sweet, British love to me). But here's what's grandiloquent Adam Greenfield had to say:

The Titan is, quite simply, the most ludicrously over-engineered personal beauty product I've ever seen or heard tell of - and I mean that as the highest praise. It's a discreet, pocket-sized cylinder, with a thoroughly appropriate warmth and heft in the hand, that shelters at its core a refillable munition of super-premium lip balm. I can't speak for the lipstick, but without question, Mojo ships the best lip balm I've ever tried. The botanically-formulated, all-natural balm offers persistent moisturization without being gloppy, and finishes with a subtle eucalyptusy/pepperminty tingle. I'm hooked. My lips have never been happier.

The downside is you can't just pop in your favorite tube, although I'm sure you DIYers will find a way. Oh, and the price tag of $40ish, but we all know that style demands sacrifice.


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