Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Oh, Wow! Lip Balms

The first thing my roommate said when I showed her the adorable bow-shaped box these lip balms came in was, "Oh, wow!" How appropriate for a company whose name is that exact exclamation (which gives me ideas for other exclamations to use as company names). Oh, Wow! was started by Seth Adams from Apex, NC. The company makes a line of premium lip balms in seventeen fun flavors using simple, natural ingredients. The down home charm of the operation is epitomized by their similarly down home, virtually click-proof website.

Price: $4.00 each.

Standard size, clear tube with sticker and scotch tape label. The label's font, much like the product website, is Comic Sans-riffic. That and the ubiquitous spirals give the tube an air of juvenile whimsy. The effect of the label plus the very colorful balms, which are tinted to match the various flavors, is very Crayola-like.

My qualm is that the flavors are not printed directly on the labels- instead there's a small colored sticker with or without a letter on it located on the bottom of the tube and you use a provided key card to cross reference the sticker with a flavor name (ex: blue sticker with a P on it = mint chocolate).

Glide: Smooooooth. One of the best I've encountered. Not greasy or oily, just a bit creamy, soft. Very satisfying. The balm itself is tinted, but it goes on clear.

You like Jolly Ranchers and girly cocktails? Well then you'll love these balms! The sweet, fruity scents are incredibly strong and conspicuous, but I guess kind of fun if you like that sort of thing (ie, you're a 12 year old girl) and enjoy leaving gusts of strawberry fog in your wake.

They come in flavors like Island Delight, Raspberries and Cream, Creamsicle, Red Apple, Cantaloupe and Lemon Sorbet, to name a just few. Luckily they're unsweetened, and the flavor itself is subtle if you can get past the strong scents (they do have an unflavored balm, which in hindsight I wish I'd tried).

Lasting Power:
Not stellar, maybe a couple of hours (does have a bit of that lick off factor), but they moisturize really well and it's a good choice for a light summer balm.

Product Pluses: Three ingredients: cocoa butter, vitamin E and flavoring. That's pretty amazing. No petroleum, waxes or fillers and they're vegan. Con: no SPF.

4.0 out of 5 tubes. Excellent glide, but the flavors a bit hit or miss and the presentation could use some work. I'd highly recommend them for kids, though.

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