Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rob Corddry is One of Us

In Sunday's New York Times Magazine there is an article on comedian Rob Corddry, former correspondent on The Daily Show and current star of Fox's The Winner. The article (which is actually a thinly veiled blog meme) reveals that Corddry, in addition to owning over 1,000 albums, also has lip balm on him at all times:

Always with him: ChapStick. It’s in my pocket right now. There’s one in my desk drawer, one in my bag, one in my car and a few in the dresser. Probably 15 have fallen behind my bed. It’s become emotional for me. I just need it.

He gets it. He really gets it. From the photo, it looks like he, too, uses the Perez Hilton-approved Lab Series balm as well as Blistex, Burt's Bees and Rosebud Salve.


Anonymous Jo said...

I leaved a long comment on your Labello review, as a proud longlasting time Labello user I report it here also...lol

---> LABELLO (which is called LABELLO in Italy) has been my first one and my only one lipbalm since I was a child. The blue one, the "classic". If u ask to many italian ppl blue Labello IS the lipbalm and I DO hope they will never and ever change the smell or the look of it (it has changed a bit in the last 25 years, but just a bit, luckily).
The word "Labello" is used to mean "lipbalm" here, as u use "chapstick" ^_^

8:35 AM  

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