Monday, February 11, 2008

Lip Balm Source: ETSY

If you're anything like me then the thrill of the convenience store lip balm aisle has long faded- been there, done that. Seems like the only "new" balms to pop up in stores are the same old sticks that have been re-branded. How is the Finding Nemo lip balm any different from Disney Princesses one? I don't really want to pay ten bucks to find out.

So where do you go to find new lip balms (aside from on Chaptastic)? An excellent, nay, sensational source of new and quirky lip balms is Etsy, the DIY afficionado's dream online marketplace. Etsy is like the Wikipedia of handmade goods. You start looking for a crocheted tea cozy and the next thing you know you're shopping for origami earrings (check out the Shop By Color feature!). There are dozens and dozens of talented, inventive and vegan-friendly lip balm makers out there, just itching for you to stumble upon their Lime Sugar or Apricot Plum or Lusty Lip Lush or even Pink Lemonade balms. If you find something amazing, let us know!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boy! You guys don't know what you are getting yourselves into. Etsy has done nothing but feed my chapstick habit since I found it five months ago. A few of my favorites:

1. Embrace Bath and Body - wonderful lip balm that stays on your lips forever! Feels fantastic and have great scents.

2. Madeline Bea Soap Company (mbea) - more great lip balm. Feels great and heals my lips. Subtle scents.

3. Elladean beautiful twists - great and really fun selection. There's got to be something for everyone there. Wonderfully sweet seller who puts a lot of time and creativity into her products. Balms are a little slippery for my taste, but all of the reviews say that a lot of people love them.

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