Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Site We've Been Digging: Bag Lunch

This is old news, but Bag Lunch makes some of the most fun lip balms out there. You can choose from an endless variety of tasty balms from the diner-esque menu, everything from Pancakes and Syrup to Tropical Mai Tai. You can also buy sets of "Breakfast" and "School Lunch" balms for a mix of familiar flavors. They also have a customize feature for your next wedding or birthday party. Check out the site and indulge.


Anonymous Hannah said...

I was wondering if/when you guys would blog about Bag Lunch! They really do make some of the best balms out there. I love their Cupcake Frosting lip balm...mmm! :D

5:47 PM  
Anonymous ACL said...

the lip balm sounds great and the packaging is so cute but it is so hard to navigate their website.

8:40 PM  

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