Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Where Do I Hang Out Online?

At the message board.

The big dilemma that I came across over there is that "knownasmichael" has big full man lips that he's embarassed of - so he asks for a recomendation for makeup/ lip balm to make his lips appear smaller.

Since this is a chapstick blog, I figured you would be interested in hearing what people claimed works:

Gentle Rain says:
You need just regular old chap stick in the black and white's not glossy at all....I also think there may be some "just for men" chap stick type products out there with no shine.

So that's great. But the best part of this message board are the women fawning over "knownasmichael" and his lips:

"By the way, your lips are SO SEXY...!"

"And Omg!! Your lips are hot eusa_drool.gif eusa_drool.gif wub.gif"

"mmmm mmmm. I would kiss those suckers in a second. Hot hot lips. Super hot.... Keep them plump and moisturized, definitely."

"girls, let's find him and rip out his delicious-sexilicious-plumpalicious-juicylicious lips!!!!"

"Mmmm those are hot lips....I bet they're good at...."

"your lips are fucking beutiful!!! *drools*"

I love this.


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