Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Shameless Shilling: Eco Lips Energy

At Chaptastic we're big fans of alterna-petroleum lip balms, and Eco Lips is one of the the best brands out there dedicated to organic, energy-saving production of lip balm (you hear that, hippies?).

I say this 1) because I really do like Eco Lips and 2) because I heard that if I blog about the new Eco Lips Energy lip balm, they just might send me one. I do not scoff at the prospect of free chapstick, people, especially when it's high quality.

So in a few weeks check back for a review of this bad boy (doesn't it just look...badass?), which claims to "combine the soothing and healing benefits of Eco Lips Lip Balm with an added powerful ENERGY infusion of Caffeine, Green Tea and Vitamin B12". What do you think- Red Bull in a tube?


Anonymous Dylan Keenen said...

Yes, i took similar measures in pursuit of my free stick. If you go to my home page you see a flashing "Eco Lips Energy". Thanks for pointing that out

5:52 AM  

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