Monday, October 16, 2006

Further Tributes in Lip Balm

Inspired by the other day's Che Guevara post (aside: if the maker's of that product knew anything about how to market using puns they would have called it Che Guava Lip Balm), I started thinking about what other people or events should be honored with their own lip balms (truly the highest honor).

In light of current events, Chaptastic will immediately begin production of a very exclusive new brand: Nuclear Balm. Each tin is limited edition and features one of the members of the nuclear club. The first edition belongs to new member Kim Jong-il, who personally came up with the formula (not tested on animals...may have been tested on North Koreans). When you need that hot date to end in mutually assured destruction, this soothing blend of all natural shea butter, chamomile and crazy oil is sure to do the trick. Best applied in the middle of the night at the bottom of an abandoned mine shaft.

Also available in Tony Blair, Jacques Chirac and Pervez Musharraf. Join the nuclear club!


Anonymous Jo said...

And what about a George W. Bush and his israelian friend pot? :\

11:50 AM  

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