Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I Pity the Fool*

I came across this sad, sad, sad message board today. People discussing their allergies to chapstick:

One day, I decided to put on Chapstick instead. Now I have a burning rash on my lips. I then quit the Chapstick and put vasaline on instead. It is now days later and my lips are now swollen as well as bumpy."

Bumpy? And a burning rash? And bad spelling? Jeez.

*Please note: as far as I know, Mr. T doesn't support Chaptastic, chapstick allergies, or bumpy, burning lips.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

cough i wish he knew that chapsticks and vaseline are basically the same thing..cough

9:52 PM  
Anonymous Jo said...


9:12 AM  

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