Friday, January 19, 2007

How to Kick Our Foreign Oil Addiction

Mike Wuebben, author of Wuebb-Log on CBS's The Showbuzz, has obtained early excerpts from next week's State of the Union. He reveals part of the plan President Bush will propose to curb our nation's dependence on foreign oil:

Ours is a great nation with great resources, but we have even greater needs. We now import more than half our oil, much of that from unstable regions of the world.

Scientific innovation can help, but curbing our energy needs will take sacrifice from all Americans.

You may not realize how pervasive petroleum products are in our lives. A large portion of our household items are derived from the same source that fuels our cars — products such as common lip balm. I have just signed a presidential decree ordering all Americans, when using petroleum-based balms for dry and chapped lips to make only one swipe across the bottom lip. Then purse your lips together to spread the product evenly onto the top lip. This simple step will cut our dependence on lip balm by half. Unless you work in a dehumidifier factory in Phoenix, you only need one swipe.

You heard it from the man himself: one swipe only and you'll bring home our troops.


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Tragically funny ^_^


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