Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ChapNews Vol. 16: Lip Balm, By and For Tweens!

Well this is just about the cutest thing I've ever read (admittedly, I am biased towards all things lip balm-related). From the Gwinnett Herald:

Slip of the tongue leads to sisters' business in Alpharetta
ALPHARETTA – Research and development. Market surveys. Product testing. Product placement. Not exactly the kind of terms expected to come out of a fifth-grader's mouth, but that's what happens when she starts her own company with her younger sister.

Lily, who just turned 11, and Melanie Sandler, age 9, are the founders of Blamtastic, which manufactures lip balm for the younger set.

"One day I was actually looking for my lip balm. I said 'Where's my lip blam, I mean balm," Lily said.

Her mother, Rethan Sandler, told her that would be a good name for a lip balm company.

"And that's how it all got started," she said.

These two bright girls started Blamtastic, a "mom-owned company run by kids". Blamtastic sells a line of balms featuring nine flavors with names like O.M.G (Oh My Grape) for the ladies and Alien Invasion for the fellas. (They followed the first rule of business: boys don't like pink or fruit.) They also offer lip balm clip sleeves and party favors. Their balms contain SPF 15 and are made with no petroleum, no parabens and no animal testing. Pretty nifty! I haven't tried them yet, but I swear if I were still twelve I'd totally buy the Sassafrassy Rootbeer flavor. Have you seen them (the balms, not the girls) where you live?


Anonymous Hannah said...

The labels look super cute. The Strawberry Shake one is calling to me...

Glad you're back, Chaptastic ladies!

7:09 PM  

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