Friday, October 20, 2006

Hey Fatty!

With winter coming Chaptastic is concerned about gaining weight. Come on, you all know that this winter weight is for insulation 'cause it's sooooo cold. Not because we're running home to watch Lost* and eat gummy bears. Seriously.

In order to keep us trim we've found Promise, a lip balm appetite suppressant.

PROMISE is applied to the lips of people that are snacking and picking at food or tempted to eat large meals. When the urge to snack or have a large meal strikes... Apply liberally to your lips. It 'helps' curb your appetite. A weight management tool. You can use it as often as you like.

On the site, they describe each ingredient in the balm and how it will assist in weight loss/ appetite supression. It's interesting because you'd think the stick was strictly topical, but apparently these ingredients will be absorbed into your bloodstream in order to perform their duty.

Another option is to use a glue stick, which could totally be confused for chapstick (not that we've ever made that mistake...), on your lips to disable you from eating at all.

*Did you watch last Wednesday? All I've wanted is for them to bring back the polar bear, and they brought it back. Thank you J.J.


Anonymous jmb said...

this is scary to me. like when i stopped at a truck stop last week and saw they have chocolate milk flavored like milky way candy bars, or when i visited my parents this weekend and opened the fridge and saw that they had bought "special K brand protein water," or a few years ago when they had that bottled water for dogs, called "thirsty dog" that came in a "crispy beef flavor."

dear god, please rescue me from the future.

4:44 PM  
Blogger scrappy said...

ah! i saw that milky way chocolate milk this weekend and was equally horrified.

"crispy beef" water. i'm speechless.

11:00 AM  

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