Friday, February 01, 2008

DIY: Lip Balm Cozy

Aside from watching the Superbowl ads and picking out your Super Tuesday voting outfit, there's nothing exciting to do this weekend. So why not try this Lip Balm Cozy project from sewer extraordinaire Just Tutes. Check out her excellent taste in lip balm- do I spy Labello?

Like any cozy (check out the TV cozy she made), it's entirely too much effort to make but cute as all get out. It hangs on your keychain so you won't lose track of the slippery things. If you have a creative DIY lip balm-related project, send us a photo. In fact, we're about to announce our big 2008 contest, so maybe you should hold back your creative juices until we do.

If you're too lazy to sew, check out Roxypop Designs for the most adorable crochet lip balm holders ever.


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