Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Guest Post! June Jacobs Lip Renewal

Today's poster is Ericka, whom we know nothing about, so we're just going to say that she's a very attractive, smart and succinct young woman with a bright future ahead of her. Let's hear it, Ericka!

Ever since I heard that most lip balms with petrolatum are made to get your lips hooked on balm, I’ve been purposely searching for balms without it. I came across June Jacobs Lip Renewal while on a spa vacation in Arizona.

[Note: This review refers to the product "June Jacobs Lip Renewal", NOT to "June Jacobs Lip Renewal with SPF 20", which DOES contain petrolatum but can be found for $12-20 -Ed.]

Price: $24 for ½ ounce.

Appearance: Capped toothpaste-style tube.

Glide: It’s not slick or sticky. You just notice a real softness and smoothness, which makes it good for guys who don’t want anything too girly or fruity.

Flavor/Smell: It’s pretty much colorless. I love the slightly citrus scent, and I felt like my lips were getting better, working better on their own.

Product Pluses: There are lots of natural ingredients like Shea Butter and others (I won’t get into it here ‘cause I know y’all will go online and search it out). The price is steep ($24), but I swear it lasted me a year!

Alas, my last tube has run out, and with the economy I’ll be slumming with cheap drugstore tubes for a while. I have definitely seen my lips do a backslide into petrolatum addiction. I give it 4 out of 5 tubes and might have given 5 if not for that price.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm fairly addicted to lip balm myself, but I can't imagine spending $24 for lip balm no matter how much petrolatum it DIDN'T have. There are many natural balms out there that are waaaaay less expensive and help whip your lips back into shape by not having alcohols or gas byproducts of any sort.

there's this stuff i just tried that really blew me away. the ingredients are cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax. all flavours are essential or food grade flavorings. you can pick any two flavours to blend together... like chocolate and strawberry - mine - they say they're 98% organic. See for yourself

11:00 AM  
Anonymous natural cosmetics said...

Good to know about this product which is a clean and clear solution to chapped and dry lips.I use a lot of white petroleum jelly.

1:55 PM  
Anonymous mineral lipstick said...

Hearing about Jacobs for the first I hope this lip repair does work.

7:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got a free tube at a resort in Whislter and love it! But it's in a chapstick tube form! Hmm sure they don't make that for resale since they give them out for free for guests?

4:17 PM  
Anonymous organic cosmetic brushes said...

No fragrance is a boon for sensitive skin.It should be a good aid to keep the lips smooth and soft.

10:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok,glad to read the above comment..I also stayed at the Delta in Whistler which uses the June Jacobs in the chapstick form..i have been trying to find it..went to a few delta`s that say only select delta hotels carry it..i just tried to find online to buy&can``s honestly the BEST chapstick i have evvvver used..hmmm now gonna call whistler see it they still have them...

1:10 AM  

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