Monday, January 26, 2009

Yes We Can: Obama Balm

I'm filing this under "Things I Wish I Had Thought of Two Years Ago". I mean, it's sort of pathetic that we haven't yet made the "Obalma" pun, right? Or maybe we were just being respectful. Let's go with that.

If you're interested in bringing a little change into your routine and stocking up on the above balms, here's the info:

(1) Benjamin's Obama Balm, $4.99 on eBay. Apparently it's the balm that "does it all" and "won't rub you the wrong way", and it has a variety of uses: truth serum, meal enhancer, glass cleaner, just to name a few. You guys remember that just because we post about something it doesn't mean we endorse it, right?

(2) Obalm-Ah! Lip Balm Pot or Restorative Balm, respectively $3.25 (or 2 for $6.00) and $9.00 from themefragrance on Etsy.

(3) Obama Balm, call Colorlab at 815-965-2001 to order. They might still have some McCain Conditioner left!

(4) O-Balm-A Special Edition Inaugural Balm, $3.44 from herbanlifestyle on Etsy (come in packs of 18). Definitely the best-looking of the bunch, this Mocha Macadamia flavor blends the "essence of robust Kenyan coffee and soothing oil from Hawaiian macadamia nuts".

(5) Obalma Red, White & Blueberry, $10.00 for a superpack from Hawaiian surfer brand Shaka Laka. Also available: Biden Balm, Ham & Cheese Flavor.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just found this post. Thanks so much for including my Mocha Macadamia in your post! And thanks for the compliments on the packaging :)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That stuff is terrible. They act like a Hawaiian company, but they are out of Utah. Go home Shakacrapa!

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