Friday, February 27, 2009

Chopsaver: The Balm for Musicians

Chopsaver is the only lip balm I've ever seen that's created for a demographic as specific as musicians. Usually lip balms are for "people who get chapped lips", but not Chopsaver! I mean, musicians actually have to use their lips to perform their jobs. Imagine if you had to type with your mouth all day. I can imagine that would cause a bit more wear and tear than you're used to. I can think of another group of professionals who also use their mouths for money, but come on- this is a family blog!

Chopsaver was created by Dan Gosling, a professional trumpet player who grew tired of "the chapping, swelling and soreness that can strike your lips when you play a wind instrument". Check out the site- you can read all about how he developed it and read tons of testimonials from a lot of prominent musicians, including a didjeridoo player!


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